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What are the different types of membership in the Kansas Numismatic Association?

There are currently three different types of memberships offered by the Kansas Numismatic Association. They are the Junior Member, the Regular Member and the Lifetime Member. All memberships are based on an annual term. A "Junior Membership" is for Junior Members that are under the age of 16. The cost of their membership is $5.00 per year or $50.00 for a Junior Lifetime Membership. To apply for the Junior Lifetime Membership, the Junior Member must have been in good standing for at least two prior years with the KNA. A "Regular Membership" is $10.00 per year. A "Regular Lifetime Membership" is $100.00 one time. To apply for a Regular Lifetime Membership the Regular Member must have been in good standing for at least two prior years with the KNA. Memberships run from March 1 of each year to February 28 of the following year.

Who are the members of the Kansas Numismatic Association?

Membership in the Kansas Numismatic Association is open to the General Public. Our members tend to be avid coin collectors including: amateurs, seasoned collectors and numismatic professionals, local and regional coin and currency clubs, specialty collecting organizations, coin dealers which includes: professionals who manage their own coin shops, professionals who do not have shops, but instead attend coin shows & numismatic events, and part-time local hobbyists who chose to sell their own coins, as well as educators and others interested in the hobby.

How do I become a member of the Kansas Numismatic Association?

Download and complete the attached KNA Membership Application at the link below. Then, send a check or money order payable to the KNA with your completed application by mail to the following address:

Kansas Numismatic Association, 2238 N. Covington St, Wichita, KS 67212


View Membership Application 


Otherwise, you can download and complete that attached KNA Membership Application and bring cash, check, or money order to one of the board meetings and deliver it to one of the officers at the open meeting. They will deliver your application and dues to the KNA Treasurer for processing. 


Will I receive confirmation of my application's acceptance into the Kansas Numismatic Association?

Once your application is received in good order by the Treasurer, then the Treasurer will send a "Welcome Letter" to you with a new KNA membership card enclosed. This card will have the expiration date listed on it. After that, dues notices are mailed annually by the Treasurer at the time specified by the association's bylaws.