KNA Bylaws



Article I

Section 1:

Purpose:  To promote the numismatic hobby through education and participation  

Section 2: The fiscal year of the Association shall be March 1st of one year and including the last day of February of the next year.

Article II
Membership and Dues

Section 1: The Association shall have six classes of membership: Regular members; Life Members, who have been a regular member in good standing for at leasttwo years; Junior members; Junior Life members; Club members and Honorary members. Junior members and Junior Life members shall be those individuals under sixteen years of age.

Section 2: Regular, Junior and Club members shall be carried on the Association roster on a yearly basis as defined in Article I, Section 1 of these by-laws.

Section 3: Applications for membership in each class shall be made on a form prescribed by the Board of Governors. Applicants for Regular membership and Junior membership shall be proposed by a regular or life member in good standing. Honorary memberships may be deemed by the Board of Governors in recognition of service, leadership or special contributions to the furtherance of the Association.

Section 4: Duly organized clubs within the State of Kansas shall be eligible for membership as clubs on recommendation of regular or life members in good standing and on presentation of organizational materials to the Secretary of the Association.

Section 5: Business firms shall not be eligible for membership as such, but individual members of business firms may become members if they meet the requirements of these by-laws.

Section 6: The annual dues of the Association year ending the last day of February shall be $10.00 for regular members, $5.00 for Junior members, and $10.00 for club memberships.  Dues received with application for annual membership after the first half of the association year will be one half the annual fee.  Life memberships are a one time fee of $100.00.
Applications received after January 1st and before the end of February shall be considered paid for the ensuing year.

Section 7: Membership application, together with the proper amount of dues shall be sent to the Secretary, who shall cause the notice of the name of each applicant to be published in association mailing on, at least, a quarterly basis to all members in good standing. If no written objection to an applicant is received by the Secretary by the 20th day of the calendar month following the mailing, the applicant shall be considered a member. If such written application is received, the applicant shall be advised in writing of the nature of the objection and may respond to said objection. The applicant’s answer shall be forwarded, along with any other pertinent information, to the governing board for consideration. The board may either accept or reject such decision by the Secretary. In the event of rejection, the applicant’s membership dues shall be refunded at the time of notification. Each applicant for membership, on acceptance, shall be entitled to the appropriate form of membership card, signed by the Secretary.

Section 8: Membership dues shall be payable in advance. The Treasurer shall send dues notices during the month of February or March to those members who have not paid their dues for the ensuing year. If not paid by September 30th, the Treasurer shall inform such members by mail at their last known address, that unless their current year’s dues are paid on or before October 31st of the current year, they will then automatically forfeit their membership and their names published in the next mailing as having forfeited their membership for non-payment of dues.

Section 9: The Treasurer may reinstate any member expelled for non-payment of dues after investigating and approving the member’s conduct prior to reinstatement and upon receipt of the current year’s dues. Resignations in writing may be accepted by the Treasurer.

Section 10: Any member in violation of any provision of the Constitution and By-laws of the Association, committing any unfair or unethical act in his dealings with others, unjustly defaming the character of any other member, interfering with activities of the association, committing a criminal offence, engaging in conduct unbecoming to a member or engaging in conduct prejudicial to the association shall be subject to expulsion or disciplinary action. Proceedings for such shall be initiated by written charges signed by the person making them. Such charges, with particulars, shall be filed with the Secretary, who shall there upon mail a written copy of summary to the accused member at his last known address. The accused member shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to respond before the matter is referred to the governing board. The board shall determine the case under such rules and regulations as it shall adopt. The governing board may dismiss the charges, censure, suspend or expel the member.  It may cause the result of the action to be published in the next mailing to members.

Article III
Officers, Governors, Governing Board

Section 1: The Association shall have a President, a Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, immediate past President, and a maximum of 6 governors, all of whom shall constitute a governing board. A vacancy during the two year term of any governor may be filled by the appointment of a majority of the governing board. During the initial year of the Association, all governors elected at the organizational meeting of the Association shall serve for a two year term, with governors appointed during the remainder of the year serving only the remainder of the year. All governors elected in succeeding years to fill expired terms shall serve for a two year period, at the discretion of the board of governors, in order to insure a balance of experienced and new members on the board during any given year, governors appointed to replace resigning members or governors elected during the annual election may be elected to serve either one or two year terms. All officers shall be elected to one year terms only.

Section 2: The governing board shall be generally responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the Association and shall have such other duties and powers as are herein provided or are necessitated for the expedient progress of the Association in lieu of a general vote of Association members.

Section 3: The officers shall have the usual duties delegated to their respective offices and shall serve without compensation except as hereinafter provided.

Section 4: No debts shall be contracted in the name of the Association and no funds of the Association shall be expended without the approval of a majority of the governing board except that the Secretary/Treasurer or newsletter editor shall be reimbursed for the normal expenses incidental to their capacities in relation to the Association, and each chairman of a committee which shall be developed under the auspices of the governing board may be reimbursed for normal expenses incidental to the committee during the Association year, as determined by the governing board. Such expenses shall be respectively accounted for in the reports of the Treasurer or committee chairs, at the end of the Association year.

Section 5: The President in 1983, and each year thereafter, in the last quarterly mailing to members prior to October 31st, shall issue a call for nominations of officers and governors. All nominations shall be made in writing to the Secretary a full three months before the convention, and the election shall be held during the following convention. Nominations may be made only by regular and life members, in good standing at the time of submitting the nominations. No member may nominate himself/herself. The Secretary shall promptly write to each nominee notifying him/her of such nomination and requesting his/her written acceptance or refusal thereof. A nominee’s acceptance must be received two months prior to convention, ballots will be sent out one month before the convention. No nominee may accept a nomination for more than one office in any one election.

Section 6: The Secretary shall cause a list of nominations and the actions of nominees thereon to be published in the 1st quarterly mailing to membership, but at least forty-five days prior to the annual membership meeting.

Section 7: The Secretary shall cause the names of all such nominees who have so accepted to be printed, in the order of receipt of their acceptances, on official ballots and shall cause one of such ballots to be mailed prior to the annual membership meeting to each member in good standing, together with an envelope marked “official ballot” and addressed to the Secretary. Each envelope shall bear a different number picked by the secretary. Only regular members, life and junior members shall insert their ballots in said envelopes, seal, and mail them with postage prepaid. Such envelope must be postmarked prior to the annual membership meeting. The Secretary shall retain all sealed envelopes and on the first day of the convention, shall deliver them to an election committee appointed by the president. Said committee shall consist of three to five members of the association who are not candidates for office. Only ballots postmarked and in sealed numbered envelopes will be counted. The committee shall deliver all ballots, envelopes and a report of votes cast to the Secretary promptly following tabulation.

Section 8: Candidates who have accepted nominations as noted and who have received the greatest number of votes for that office shall be declared duly elected; provided, however, that when six candidates have accepted nominations as governors, those six receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared duly elected as governors.

The President shall announce the names of those duly elected at the regular membership meeting of the Association. New officers and governors shall assume office immediately following the announcement of their election.
Should there be no nominations received by the Secretary/Treasurer the President may appoint a nominating committee. This committee may also serve as an election committee as defined in Article III Section 7.

Section 9: In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside. In the absence of both, the board of governors present shall appoint one of its own members to preside. In the absence of the Secretary, similarly, the board may appoint one of its own membership to serve as such.

Section 10: All officers and governors must be individual members of the Association in good standing who have attained the age of twenty-one years and who reside within the State of Kansas.  One board member younger than twenty-one years but at least sixteen years may be elected as a representative of Young Numismatists. No member may be nominated for the office of President, following the election of officers during the initial year of the Association unless he or she is or has been a member of the governing board. The President may serve two successive election terms.

Article IV
Committee and Personnel

Section 1: In conducting the affairs of the Association, the President may appoint and discharge committees, and other personnel, but shall not obligate the Association for payment of any compensation without the approval of a majority of the governing board.

Article V
Meetings and Conventions

Section 1: The Association shall meet in convention once each year.

Section 2: The governing board shall meet in session during each convention to conduct the affairs of the Association.

Section 3: Special meetings of the board of governors may be called by the President. An interim meeting shall be called by the President approximately six months following the convention, preferably in conjunction with an area convention and within the State.

Section 4: Members of the governing board shall each have one vote on any and all issues and a majority vote shall govern.

Section 5: The time and place of each annual convention shall be decided by the governing board after receiving written invitations from clubs who are members of the Association and wish to act as host club to such conventions. The time for these conventions shall be preferably a weekend during the months of either May or June or such time and place it is possible to obtain adequate hotel, exhibit, meetings and lodging rooms.

Section 6: The host club shall conform to work with the governing board as pertains to rules governing conventions. Any person selected as General Chairman must be approved by the governing board and may be removed at any time by the governing board. The host club shall furnish the Secretary with a record of registrations, bourse dealers, and exhibitors. The host club shall furnish the Treasurer, within 60 days following the convention, a record of all proceeds and costs pertaining to the convention.

Article VI
Exhibits and Awards

Section 1: Exhibits may be made at KNA Conventions in accordance with such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the governing board from time to time.

Section 2: Exhibitors in competition for awards must be members in good standing of the Kansas Numismatic Association. Exhibits, not in competition, are welcome from any numismatist.

Section 3: Awards shall be provided by the host club of such type and number as may be determined by them, with the approval of the governing board. The best of show award shall be provided by the governing board out of funds of the Association or may be donated by any club, organization or individual with the approval of the governing board.

Article VII

Section 1: The bylaws may be amended by the governing board, except for amendments relating to the election for office or officers and governors.

Section 2: Amendments to the bylaws relating to election or eligibility for elections as officers or governors shall be presented by the governing board in writing to the membership either by publication in the last regular mailing or by written notice to the membership mailed at least ten days prior to the commencement of the annual convention, at which time such amendments shall be voted upon. When voted upon, two-thirds affirmative vote of those present shall be effective to accomplish such amendment, except as otherwise provided in Article II, Section 7 of the bylaws.

Article VIII

Section 1: In the event of the dissolution of the Association, the distribution of assets will be to similar charitable organizations in percentagesdecided by the last board of governors and officers.