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Kansas Numismatic Association

 What is Numismatics?

According to Dictionary.com, Numismatics, which is pronounced [noo – miz – mat – iks], is a noun, defined as the study or collection of coins, medals, paper money, etc.

What is a Numismatist?

According to Dictionary.com, Numismatist, which is pronounced [noo – mis – muh – tist], is a noun, defined as 1.) a specialist in numismatics, 2.) a person who collects numismatic items, especially coins.

What is the Kansas Numismatic Association?

The Kansas Numismatic Association was founded in 1983 by a dedicated and enthusiastic group of numismatists, whose desire was to educate the general public about the hobby of numismatics. The Kansas Numismatic Association is a not-for-profit organization. The Kansas Numismatic Association has three annual meetings on a specific Sunday's in February, June, and August of each year, usually coinciding with local coin shows in the Wichita, KS area. Board meetings occur at these meetings and are open to the general public and general membership. Dates are published in advance in the "Across the Plains" KNA Newsletter and on the KNA website.

How do I become a member of the Kansas Numismatic Association?

There are three levels of membership. Junior members are under the age of 16. The cost of their membership is $5.00 per year or $50.00 for lifetime membership. Regular Annual membership is $10.00 per year. Lifetime membership is $100.00. Memberships run from March 1 of each year to February 28 of the following year. Lifetime membership requires 2 years of regular membership to qualify.


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Why join the Kansas Numismatic Association?

Whether you are new to the hobby of numismatics or coin collecting, a student, scholar or historian of numismatics, an avid or amateur collector, or a professional coin dealer, you are welcome to join the Kansas Numismatic Association (KNA).

The Kansas Numismatic Association is committed to the promotion of the hobby of numismatics and the collecting of coins (modern U.S, world coins or foreign coins, commemorative coins, medieval and ancient coins, tokens, and medals), as well as paper currency (bank notes, treasury notes, demand notes, gold and silver certificates and modern U.S. currency and world currency or foreign currency), and other items of numismatic value.

The Kansas Numismatic Association does encourage fellow numismatists to join our organization and become actively engaged in their local numismatic communities here in Kansas. As a KNA member, you will be able to learn more about the hobby by attending our Annual Coin & Stamp Show in June of each year. The KNA normally brings in between 50-65 coin dealers into the area to allow members and the general public to buy/sell/trade with other numismatists and dealers.

You can also increase your knowledge by attending an educational seminar which may be offered about various numismatic topics sponsored by the KNA. The KNA website will also have resources which you may find helpful in your research. Members have a vast array of experience and specializations to share. Are you looking for a local coin club to become involved with? We can assist you in finding the closest active coin club in your area in Kansas. Want to know when and where the next coin show will be held in the area, check out our coin shows link to find out about some of them in the next issue of our bi-monthly "Across the Plains" Newsletter.